Sep 27, 2021


$PLANET Live for Trade on Zilswap and listed on Zilwatch

Planetarize is proud to announce an exciting milestone has been reached with the very first public sales of PLANET. We would like to thank everyone who participated. It was an amazing!


A fully decentralized exchange protocol built on the Zilliqa network, Zilswap is a catalyst for projects entering the DeFi space. The Planetarize is no exception.


Zilwatch is a smart dashboard to track your ZILs and ZRC-2 tokens in your wallet, liqudity pool farms, and staked tokens.

Live Trading on Zilswap and Zilwatch

Trading started now and price will fluctuate according to market factors. PLANET is officially available for everyone!

We ain’t aim to the moon, we’re in space already, Planetarize.

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